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Termites make themselves at home by random and continuous forging which is how they find and feed on cellulose material. Termites can enter a structure through the smallest hole and can feed upon a structure for years evading detection. Treatments are customized based on your home’s construction type



Spiders harbor in areas that are close to the ground for protection. This usually means that black widows will draw a web in areas such as firewood and boxes so that they aren’t exposed to danger. Black Widows are easily detectable as they have an hour glass red shape on their abdomen. Black Widows are found in areas such as firewood, boxes, and eaves so that they can be safely transported into homes and buildings undisturbed.

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Wasps & Bees

If you live in Arizona, you deal with bees. It’s just a fact of life! Unfortunately, you don’t know if you’re dealing with aggressive bees or non-aggressive bees until it’s too late. At Green Guard Pest Control, our technicians are certified and properly trained in safe, effective bee removal techniques at a fair price.



Finding or suspecting rodents in your home can be an unpleasant experience! Green Guard Pest Control specializes in rodent extermination and quickly responds to any type of rodent encounter. We respond to signs of rodents such as droppings and rustling noises in your home or business. We’ll take the necessary steps to locate and remove the unwanted visitors from your property!



Exterminating scorpions in Arizona involves a great knowledge of the creatures instincts and natural habitat. Green Guard Pest Control specialists are trained in all aspects of scorpion behavior and Arizona scorpion control technique used to infiltrate, exterminate and control scorpion nests and their food source.



Arizona is known to have many types of ant species. Let the professionals at Green Guard Pest Control take care of your ant problem. Our pest control specialists will diagnose exactly what ant species infested your home or building structure. Once the diagnosis is complete, the specialists at Green Guard Pest Control will apply the best ant control solution to completely rid ants and their nests from your home or building structure, garden and, or lawn.